Becoming one of the most sought after destinations on the adventure travel market, the Azorean islands offer it all. Located in the mid-Atlantic, between the coasts of Portugal and the United States of America, these Portuguese islands are a natural gem above and below the water. Famed for its exportation of delicious wines and cheeses, each Azorean island holds its own unique allure. From the giant baleen whales that reside in the deep waters off Pico island, to the hot volcanic springs in Sao Miguel, these islands are one of the more unique island chains on the globe.

Over the last 10 years, the scuba diving industry on the islands has become world renowned for its remarkable biodiversity. The Azorean waters are nutrient rich due to their location in the mid ocean, and thus entices giant marine creatures as whale sharks and manta rays, as well as the most miniscule nudibranch. Never be surprised to see something sensational and unexpected here, this is an archipelago of infinite beauty.

Dive Season (March – October)

16 – 26 Degrees Celsius (60 – 80 Fahrenheit)